Surpluses of Hashtags…


These days, almost everybody has a smart phone. Excuse me, I meant almost everybody has an iPhone to be more precise.

Smartphones can be your best friend, a buddy when you get lost, a provider of numerous games, and most importantly, it’s a gateway to the social networking sites.
Now this is nothing new.
Social networking has been the “thing” for years now since Xanga or Myspace (oh those days…) and it’s continuously growing. However I cannot get over how the current social networking sites have altered how people interact with each other.

Back in the days (in my grandma voice), when you had Myspace, you would type up really cool ways to say certain words like kewl, $UMM3R, lawlz, coolz, and so on. I know… it brings back memories right? Remember when everybody tried to incorporate numbers into their words? Hahaha oh goodness.

Now, in the present people say out loud the things they would type. I walk across Virginia Tech campus and always, I hear “hashtag” with miscellaneous claims. Personally, I don’t understand why it is necessary to say the word “hashtag.” YOU’RE NOT LIVING INSIDE TWITTER! (or are you…). To make the matters worse, people use hashtags on Facebook now too. I do not use Twitter for various reasons but when I do log into my Facebook account, sometimes there are rows of people with their statuses and at the end of it *drumroll* a hashtag whatever. I tried escaping the hashtag epidemic but it really is impossible.

My question is what makes people want to translate their social networking world into reality? Is Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram so “real” now that people cannot tell reality from latter?

I’m confused. That is all