Enjoying the Nature


I’ve come to realize how much I appreciate the nature throughout the few semesters I have spent at Virginia Tech. Although the school itself is pretty developed, many areas emit purity as well as a sense of solitude when I dwell amongst them.
Now, most of my appreciation comes from my morning jogs. My workout routine allows me to think about my plans for the day and de-stress. However, recently I found another factor that clears my head.
I run four times a week for three miles and every time I run, I pass fields of grass. Although that in itself isn’t really considered the “cream of the crop” type of nature, I have come to enjoy it more than ever before.
It is inevitable that cars will pass by me on the roads since I live in a more “developed” part of Virginia Tech, away from the farms. However, I look forward to running past the fields of grass because I can smell the distinct scent of grass and trees and it has a therapeutic effect. Aside from the light smoke that are emitted by cars, trucks, and busses, I look at it as a moment to recollect.

Back at home, I run around neighborhoods so all I see are houses so it gives me a sense of confinement whereas at Virginia Tech, I have this open space of nature (partially) that allows me to feel free. I think it’s the little things like that you gradually come to appreciate as you become more observant.
Now I’m not trying to go all “zen” on you guys but I think this epiphany I just had deserved a blog post.

Aside from that note, I am in a Physical Geography and Literature and Ecology classes. I think those two classes slightly opened my eyes to how I see nature in a local scale (such as Virginia Tech) as well as a global scale.
I recommend you guys take those two classes if you have the chance.
It’s a good way to be aware of the environment around you and how you can make little changes to help nature!
Signing out,