Jeopardy Time!!!!!


While I’m having dinner and watching TV with my fellow roommates, Jeopardy came up with its well-known music which some may find annoying. I don’t find Jeopardy that entertaining as it brings attention to how little I know about national history or any fact at all aside from the rare pop culture questions that come up (even that… I don’t get them correct often).

I don’t know about you, but the part of my brain that retains information doesn’t work efficiently under pressure. When watching the three competitors call out the price and the category for their question, I wonder “are you ready? ARE  YOU READY?” because I am curious to if they have a switch where their brain categorizes information appropriately for the question and blurt out the answer. And I also wonder, “how do they stay so calm?” because if I was asked a question that most average people don’t ask me and was given 5 seconds to answer it, I would freak out, excrete nervous sweat, and be flustered and demand more  time from the host and the producers.

It’s amazing that these contestants have so much information in their brain. I wonder if they have secret VIP access to more than the 10%-20% (the average percentage) of the brain’s system . If they do, I envy them. I want my VIP pass too. Where can I get one?

In the current society where most people obtain information through technological advances (aka smartphones and laptops), I think it’s kind of cool to be basically be your own search engine. From what I see, most of these people probably don’t use Google too often. I wish I could ask the competitors “how do you know all of this?” I wonder if they’re born with the ability to absorb any kind of information they counter or if they had to study and meticulously work for their knowledge.
Tell me your secret!