• Pack It Up!

    As the semester comes to a close, the first thing you think of is “I’m done with finals!!!!!” So exciting right? That finals week is pretty rough on people. So rough that when I go to the Torg Bridge to study in one of many iMac desks, there are none available so I have to […]

  • I Love the English Department!

    Virginia Tech. It may be biased coming from a student, but it is a great school. To add, it has a great English department where I feel just at home every time I visit the building. As a sophomore now, I have a general idea of how teachers are going to teach from the first […]

  • That Workout Though…

    I don’t look like it but I workout a lot. With a small frame, many people think I’m naturally thin and that typical “skinny girl.” Although I do get my slim figure due to genetics from my parents, I think it’s unfair that it’s okay for people to criticize “skinny” people but it’s a taboo […]

  • It’s That Time Again…

    Middle of December has hit us now. It’s time for most of us to wrap up our exams and head home. Another semester has come to an end. And let me tell you, college goes by like a speed of light. Sounds cliche but it feels like I just started this semester a day ago. […]

  • Something is Off…

    On Saturday night, I was studying for my exams. I know it sounds kind of sad but I really want my As for exams so I stayed in rather than hanging out with friends last night. I went to sleep after a night’s hard work hoping to get some rest when during my sleep at […]