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Rewind: Trump’s Attack on Obama’s Record

I shamefully admit that I have tuned in to watch most of Trump’s speeches during and after his presidential campaign. Needless to say, each speech was more disappointing that the previous. He made the following statement during his acceptance of the Republican nomination:

President Obama has doubled our national debt to more than $19 trillion and growing. – #45

The bit that I know about our budget process is that you can never pin the entire national debt on one person, and you most certainly should consider the inaction of congress in the equation. For me, this speech was the first sign of Trump’s alternative facts. The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget wrote a piece entitled Has President Obama Doubled the National Debt? When you have a few minutes, read the article. While some of Obama’s policies did indeed have an adverse impact on the national debt, the Committee points out that the increase in the national debt was already set in motion before Obama took office (e.g. the Great Recession). The article also states that Trump’s proposed policies would also have a doubling effect on the national debt. So, this is what I gather from it all–Bush created the mess…Obama attempted to fix it…Trump points the finger at Obama while he designs plans to re-Bush us. This is tom-foolery at its best.


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Our Presidential Candidates’ Stance on Higher Ed


I stumbled across this article that summarizes the U.S. presidential candidates’ plan for managing the costs for higher education. Trump takes a more conservative approach, and Hillary’s plan looks as though she’s been drinking Bernie’s kool-aid.   Trump’s plan is pretty much more of the same, so I will not waste any space reviewing his plan, you can do so via this link (https://www.nasfaa.org/2016_presidential_candidates).  However, I would like to drawn out a few points related to Hillary’s proposal.

  • Hillary is proposing a lower interest rate for those who already have student loan debt. Outstanding!
  • She also proposes that students from families with a collective income of $85 or less go to in-state 4-year colleges for free. Brakes!

While the second bullet sounds good in theory, how do you implement such a plan without ticking off those who weren’t afforded the same opportunity.  I combed through the rest of Hillary’s plan looking for a loan forgiveness clause–beyond those that already exist. There is nothing mentioned along these lines.  If Hillary becomes president, and her plan is implemented…there will be fallout.  There will be a large segment of society that are currently enrolled in school that these perks will not apply to.  Instead, they will be on a 20 year loan forgiveness track. Unfair much?

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