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The Journal of Artificial Socieities and Social Simulation (JASSS)


I am planning to submit an article to the Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation (JASSS).  The journal is managed by the University of Surrey, which is located in the United Kingdom.  The journal promotes learning about society by way of computer simulation.  JASSS has been publishing since 1998, however, it is unclear if it has been an open access platform since its conception.  The journal has an “About” page that states that access is free and the term “open access” is not used to describe the journal.  In fact, there is no political stance about free [open] or traditional publishing modes.  Authors are not required to pay to contribute to JASSS, however, the submission instructions include a kind ask for donations in the suggested amount of $1,300.  I found it comical that the suggested donation was listed in three forms of currency (US dollar, the euro and pound sterling).  The journal also offers an incentive for donors in which they offer to tag the authors contribution with a badge that will denote their contribution.  The average visitor to the JASSS website will immediately realize that it is an open access journal.  URLs to their current articles are prominently posted on their landing page;  there are no assumptions to be made about their stance on publishing.

I am on the fence as to whether I will donate. Virginia Tech has a fund that will cover publishing fees for open access, but I would rather those funds go to a student who is trying to contribute to a journal with mandatory fees.  I will make my decision on this point in December. If any of you are interested in JASSS, here is the direct link to their page: http://jasss.soc.surrey.ac.uk.



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