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Tips for Your Job Hunt



Here are a few tips regarding the application process for professorships.  I hope this post will help some of you with your planning:

1. Keep your chair informed. Make sure that your chair is aware of the timelines for each application. Your future employer will ask him/her about the status of your dissertation.

2. Be realistic with your timelines. If you plan to complete your dissertation and start work shortly thereafter, make sure you give yourself enough time to complete the dissertation. If you don’t finish the dissertation in time, the school may withdraw their offer. The situation could cause strain on both parties, and that’s not a good way to start a job.

3. Get organized! Create a document with the point of contact information for each school, the key requirements of the application and important dates/deadlines. It is easy to get things mixed up when you are applying to more than one school.

4. Know your tolerance level and job expectations. Ask yourself, would I be ok with a heavier teaching load and less pressure to produce scholarly work or vice versa. Am I open to either scenario?

5. Get to know the common hiring practices.

  • Most tenure-track positions and some adjunct positions are advertised in the Fall prior to the upcoming academic year; you would apply for a position that starts in Fall 2017 position in Fall 2016.
  • Most full-time non-tenure positions are advertised in the Spring prior to the upcoming academic year; you would apply for a Fall 2017 position in Spring 2016.

Happy hunting!

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