4 Responses to Are We Creating Roadblocks or Pathways?

  1. ezgiseref

    I think tacking between traditional and non-traditional ways of teaching is fundamental since it constitutes the epistemology which we test and retest our methodologies to build a solid pathway. We also need to repair and rebuild if necessary. Thank you for this very useful analogy.

  2. Thank you so much for this, Henry. We definitely had some unfinished business in the discussion of simulation last week and you’ve given me a new perspective on Papert by invoking the reference to Logos in the excerpt we read. And yes, students lose when the lines harden into absolutes. Thanks again.

  3. Alex,

    I think that’s a great question. I tie the Schooler approach to traditional lecture format, and I think lectures work well when we are trying to help students situation their own worldview with the material. At some point, I would shift the Schooler phase to Yearner phase and try to give them a context.

    Intro to new material = lecture.
    Connecting with the material = simulation (or some other experiential tool).

  4. I can appreciate your desire to not be absolute, and I certainly agree when we become inflexible as instructors it is ultimately the students who end up suffering. In what contexts in the classroom would you be more of a Yearner? In what contexts in the classroom would you be more of a Schooler?

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