Horticulture Spring Seminar Schedule

311 Latham Hall, 4-5pm every Tuesday

 Date Presenter Seminar Title
Feb. 06 Danyang Liu Optimizing anaerobic soil disinfestation for Virginia strawberry production
Feb. 13 TBA TBA
Feb. 20 Cody Wyatt Kiefer The role of forest structure on rainfall capture in urban forest systems
Feb. 27 Tej Prasad Acharya Water requirement and use efficiency in Brussel production under rowocover in comparison to open field condition
Mar. 6 Dr. Sherif M. Sherif (HORT) Research strategies for maximizing the production and profitability of fruit crops in Virginia
Mar. 13 Dr. Song Li(CSES) Predicting regulatory networks in plant development and stress responses using machine learning
Mar. 20 Zhibo Wang Xanthomonas euvescatora triggered distinct immunity on host and nonhost plants
Mar. 27 Dr. Aure Bombarely (HORT) Genome Evolution and Phenotypic Diversity during Plant Domestication using Ornamental Crops as Study Models
Apr. 03 Kunru Wang Phytotoxin has a key role to help Acidovarax citrlli colonize on leaf surface of watermelon plants
Apr. 10 Barslund Judd Characterization of Nutrient Deficiencies and Foliar Nutrient Sufficiency Ranges in Hops
Apr. 17 Dr. Bin Xu (NAU) Extending leaf greenness period for better turf and forage grasses
Apr. 24 Fran de la Mota Water Fluxes in Soil-Pavement Systems: Integrating Trees, Soils and Infrastructure

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