“Is there a link between Bluegrass Music and Sexuality?”

When I first became interested in looking deeper into bluegrass I didn’t exactly realize that there was a lack of women present on stage and on the albums. I guess part of that is because the norm that is set for bluegrass performances is a stern group of men standing in a line across a stage all playing their stringed instruments. I have always been fascinated by history and that background context of sexual division plays a huge role in how gender roles are viewed today. Usually the specific musicians are experts and have mastered playing the banjo, guitar, mandolin, etc. Whatever their specific instrument is has usually been perfected and they play them in a very serious manor. I can see how this could be very intimidating to women and makes it difficult for emerging artist, especially female, to get a foothold in bluegrass. I truly do believe that women can bring immense amounts of talent and insight to performing and hopefully we can grow from the history of exclusion and move towards a more inclusive environment as a whole.