“History of Science and Technology in China”

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September 5, 2018

Quinn Hogan (298)

For starters, much of what we know about the History of Technology in China is thanks to Joseph Needham. Needham studied much of China during his life, and helped display what technologies were used an invented in China throughout a massive time period of around 2000 B.C.E, and 1000 C.E. Such technologies in question are gunpowder, the compass, paper making,  and printing. These were known as the “Four Great Inventions of Ancient China.

The four great inventions were extremely influential in China, and all around the world. Paper and printing were important for the spreading of information, news, and keeping records, among other things. The compass was helpful for exploration and trading. People had to ensure they were going the correct way. The compass could also assist militarily, which was how gunpowder was used.

These technologies were quite impressive for their time, and the Chinese continued to make incredible advancements throughout their long History. One of the most important is traditional Chinese medicine. Methods such as acupuncture and herbal medicine were widely used throughout China. The fact that these methods are still used today is very technological impressive. More inventions of the Chinese include the sundial and water clocks, which helped to record the movement of stars, the sun, and the planets. The Chinese were among some of the first peoples, other than the Mayans, the record astronomical phenomena, such as solar eclipses and planetary groupings.

Chinese architecture was also a huge success. The most notable display of this was through the Great Wall of China, a massive, 21,000 km wall stretching across the northern areas of China. Bridge-building was the second most notable aspect of Chinese architecture. With stone bridges, beam bridges, boat bridges, and many other designs, the Chinese had many platforms for crossing water with ease.


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  • Kyle Foster

    Hey Quinn,

    Nice job on the article! It is very well written and does a really good job of summarizing the material. I was really surprised when I found out that the Chinese recorded astronomical phenomena. What do you think prompted them to start? I would think religion would have some factor in it, but I’m curious if maybe there was something more to it…

    Again, great article!
    -Kyle Foster

  • John R. Legg


    Another excellent response. I really enjoyed this topic. I wonder how traditional Chinese medicinal practices have transferred to the twenty-first century.

    Check out this link for some more information:


    As far as the post goes, keep up the great work. Next time maybe proofread, making sure everything is clear.


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