Welcome GEDI’s knights!


We are excited to see you all tonight. I want to welcome you to the seminar talking about my experience with blogging. As some of you, I wasn’t too active in social networks before taking the PFP and GEDI seminars. At the beginning it took some time to shift my mind and understand the value of it, and let me know it is a great tool for you as future educators / administrators / faculty members.

When you start making a habit of writing, or even better, of putting your thoughts in interesting and engaging ways to be shared with other people with similar interests to yours, great things can happen.

For example, somehow (I really don’t know how) someone from Australia found one of my blog posts and made great comments so we engaged in a great conversation. That conversation led us to collaborate in a research project that is going great right now.

My online presence has also helped me with future employers. Every time I go to an interview, or presentation, people interested have been able to know a lot about me because of my blog, my eportfolio, my twitter, and my linkedin profile. Furthermore, some prospective employers have been able to find me and contact me because of my online presence.

My initial advice is to come with an open mind, to engage with our class, and to help us develop our learning community that starts by our social interactions online. If you want to learn more about me here are my “coordinates”:

eportfolio: homeromurzi.com

blog: https://blogs.lt.vt.edu/hmurzi/

twitter: @hmurzi

email: hmurzi@vt.edu

I’m looking forward to meet every one of you and to learn from your experiences inside and outside the classroom.



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  1. A. Nelson says:

    Lead on, Homero! That’s so cool that you found a research collaborator in Australia through your blog. Thanks for sharing this.

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