ORI scholarly integrity cases

I was trying to find a case in the ORI site that is different or special. After reading most of the misconduct case summaries, I realized something more interesting to post about. Most of you already know several cases, and its consequences. I think what is very interesting is how all the cases are related or very similar.

Most of them are related the healthcare field somehow, and most of them are regarding falsification of data in order to obtain funds for research. This caught my attention. Is this type of situation only happening in that field? or is jut that since this is such complex and delicate field is where all the eyes are?

I understand how when dealing with human health it is required to take extra measures to prevent anything wrong to happen, but I am wondering if the consequence is that other fields with similar importance are left behind.

For example, fields like civil engineering, law, or even education can have a similar impact in society, therefore doing things wrong in those fields can generate also a lot of damage. However, I don’t seem to find any case in any of those fields.

Is people in other fields doing things better? If so, it would be interesting to analyze what ethical standards students receive in their formation to see how can be imparted in the healthcare field.

If they are not doing things better, I believe there is a need for expand the scope of the revisions in ORI and consider evaluating more broad fields of knowledge.

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