Global Perspectives Program 2015

Earlier this year I received great news. I was selected to participate in the Global Perspectives Program 2015. The program take graduate students to Europe during the summer to visit different higher education institutions and engage in important conversations about different topics of higher education. For me this is a very exciting opportunity and want to make the most of it.

One of my goals from this experience is to understand the status of diversity, inclusion, and international support. From my experiences as a faculty member in Venezuela I understand the lack of conversation about these topics back in south America. I’ve been very involved in diversity here in the US in the two Universities I have attended. I’m interested in contrast my experiences with the European system.

One of the things that I’m curious about is regarding how the international community is there. For example, how are the support systems for international students, how is the selection process of international faculty members, do international students count toward diversity and inclusion numbers? I think considering that in Europe people is able to work in different european countries the international community should be very representative, however are european considered international participants?

I’m looking forward to the GPP experience and to understand a different higher educational system.

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