Excellent resource for future faculty members

Last week we were having a discussion about the importance of blogs and the impact that they may have (or not) in academia. One person in the discussion was concerned about the benefit of blogging, her argument was that she was not able to directly see how blogging can improve academia. Some of us were arguing that blogging can provide an online presence that can help create a sense of community and can help connecting with people in your field. That connection in the long-run can be very useful for new faculty members.

To add to my point, I found this blog that I consider a very valuable resource to have when planning to apply for faculty positions. Dr. Kelsky has a very special way to talk about issues regarding the faculty job from a protagonist perspective and with brutal honesty. I found the blog to be really useful and also helps to make my point of the importance of creating an online community to support each other and to grow as faculty members.



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2 Responses to Excellent resource for future faculty members

  1. shaunab18 says:

    Thank you for sharing this blog! I think it’s a wonderful idea to share ideas/personal experiences associated with applying for faculty positions. As the time gets closer for me I feel less and less prepared, it’s nice to know that resources like this exist.

  2. Miko says:

    Thanks for sharing this blog. It is always to be reading what others are doing, so we can follow and adopt the best possible practices.


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