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Students without passion

In one of my classes an assistant professor from a basic science department at VT came to talk about his experiences as being a young faculty member. I found his talk really interesting and there were some things that I … Continue reading

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How to kill a learning community with norm-referenced grading systems

Maybe some of you are familiar with norm-referenced grading systems, however I wasn’t. In my country there is nothing similar at any educational level. If you don’t know about it here is a quick link: Apparently this system is used … Continue reading

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Learner-centered teaching and resistance to change

One of the things that impacted me the most about “The role of the teacher” chapter in Maryellen Weimer’s book was how faculty reported to be devoting 83% of their class time to lecture. This is very disturbing for me because … Continue reading

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Quest to learn: the digital school

After watching the PBS documentary (PBS documentary: DIGITAL MEDIA – NEW LEARNERS OF THE 21ST CENTURY) about how different schools are adapting their teaching practices to the globalized technology savvy learners of this century – and considering that I am … Continue reading

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Excellent resource for future faculty members

Last week we were having a discussion about the importance of blogs and the impact that they may have (or not) in academia. One person in the discussion was concerned about the benefit of blogging, her argument was that she was … Continue reading

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Anti-teaching and the flipped classroom

Reading the article “Anti-teaching: confronting the crisis of significance” by Michael Wesch, some points caught my attention. First the author suggest (as many researchers do) that the traditional lecture is inefficient as a learning environment. Learning occurs most of the … Continue reading

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