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Why Ahmed wasn’t invited to a liberal arts University?

There has been a lot of discussion in the media about Ahmed Mohamed, a boy in high school that was taken to jail by the police for showing a professor a clock he claimed to build. Controversy has increased in … Continue reading

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The importance of symbols and cultural artifacts

I was watching a video about the use (or misuse) of the Confederate flag, especially here in Virginia. Since I was born and raised in Venezuela, I’m not familiar with the history in the United States, so it took me … Continue reading

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Microaggressions on Latinos

I have been reading about microaggressions lately. It refers to covert forms of racism that reflect on people’s judgments based on race, gender, or ethnicity. I found an interesting article about the microaggressions on latinos: I would also like … Continue reading

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Welcome GEDI’s knights!

GEDI’s, We are excited to see you all tonight. I want to welcome you to the seminar talking about my experience with blogging. As some of you, I wasn’t too active in social networks before taking the PFP and GEDI … Continue reading

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Advices for new GTA’s

I was invited to talk in a panel during our orientation week for the new Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA’s). The focus is on how to lead and practice excellence by being outstanding GTA’s. I will focus my presentation in my … Continue reading

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Global Perspectives Program 2015

Earlier this year I received great news. I was selected to participate in the Global Perspectives Program 2015. The program take graduate students to Europe during the summer to visit different higher education institutions and engage in important conversations about … Continue reading

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The humanities vs engineering and business perceptions – Hollins University visit

After reading the article “How is Innovation Taught? – On the Humanities and the Knowledge Economy” I felt like it was worthy to share my experiences visiting Hollins University as part of one of my classes this semester. Hollins University … Continue reading

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Trying to answer Dan’s article questions

I have been doing some research on team-based learning (TBL) and problem-based learning (PBL) for a while. I have also implemented the strategies in some of my previous classes. I think PBL is a great strategy, specially in engineering, to … Continue reading

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The power of technology and its dark side in education

I believe technology changed the world some decades ago, and will continue changing our world in a fast pace every day. In our current world the use and implementation of technology is a reality that we can’t avoid. New generations have … Continue reading

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The feminine passion

I have been working on my teaching philosophy for a while. As a faculty member I think of my teaching philosophy as a document that reflects my personal values and vision of teaching. The document however, changes a little bit … Continue reading

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