Moving Classes Online–What Are We Bringing With Us?

Based on the name, I would’ve assumed that most scholars of digital pedagogy would be operating under some kind of assumption that technology was an innate force for good, that nonelectronic methods of teaching would become dated, or that the role of the instructor in individual interactions could be automated away, but it was nice […]

Critically Thinking About Critical Pedagogy

After having read a number of my peers’ posts and having read several different perspectives on Critical Pedagogy, I thought I wanted to spend my writing time this week thinking through a concrete application for Critical Pedagogical theory. I generally find that I’m unhappy with the work I am doing when I don’t have a […]

A Pedagogy of Names (Inclusivity)

I spend a lot of time thinking about names, partly because I’m terrible at remembering them, partly because I’ve had trans friends with strong feelings about acceptable names and nicknames even before I knew what the word trans meant, and partly because I’m very aware of how much it makes me feel personally known when […]