Leaning Tower of Prerequisites

In last week’s post, I talked a bit about the problems with prerequisite series and remedial coursework when it comes to retaining students in science and engineering majors. I also talked about Dr. Klingbeil’s call to action for parsing out the chain of prerequisites in your academic department and how long it will take students […]

Who are Prerequisites For?

I’ve been thinking about course prerequisites for a while, since a class that I TA and will eventually teach at Virginia Tech is continually being revised to determine exactly how much “review” from the prerequisite statistics class is enough without spending half of a food science class teaching students statistics. For a number of frustrating […]

The Future of Higher Ed Needs to Take Teaching Seriously

One of the major things I hear, even from professors I know with partial teaching appointments who care about how their students do and would like to continually do better, is that they are simply not rewarded or paid for their teaching efforts. This is perhaps a mantra that I hear more often than most […]