Leah stands in an industrial kitchen, drying small metal cups with a towel. She is wearing a hairnet and there is a bowl of vegetables in the front of the shot.

I started my academic life as a food and flavor chemist thinking that sensory science experience would round out my skill set–after all, how useful is it to accurately quantify flavor compounds if you don’t have an equally good grasp of what they taste like in the end? What was once a Master’s degree in sensory science has morphed into a PhD project in the automated analysis of flavor descriptions.

Once a chronic dabbler in Linguistics, Math, Language, Chemistry, Computer Science, and many others, now a Sensory Scientist working at the nexus of those disciplines trying to unlock the secrets behind taste and perception. I’m eager to continue bringing in my outside-the-box experiences to push the field forward, and hope to acquire a position, faculty or otherwise, that will let me pursue those frontiers and share knowledge with peers and mentees alike.