Research is Really Starting to Build … LOTS to Read

Research is going very well and after talking with Dr. Quigley on the sources I am coming across, he and I are working closely to narrow my original thesis topic question. I have been busy on Worldcat, EbscoHost, American History and Life, and others just to name a few.

I have found multiple journals, diaries, and various letter excerpts. I have also uncovered several theses, which are proving to be a wealth of information on sources, both primary and secondary, which has been very exciting. I have found secondary sources of ship manifests of blockade runners that made it through the Union naval blockade, as well as several books on British imported uniforms, weapons, equipment, and various supplies.

I have also found seemingly endless records and reports located in the National Archives, and all kinds of photographs, which have been digitized in the Library of Congress. There are many different locations which have repositories of original uniforms, weapons, equipment, and gear, which will help to substantiate the research that I am uncovering, going a long way towards helping to dispel that myth I have been chasing…

2 thoughts on “Research is Really Starting to Build … LOTS to Read”

  1. Hi Tiny,

    It sounds like you have found some really valuable resources, that’s great! I like the idea of you using photographs in your thesis. I think that will be a great way for you to illustrate your argument a bit and you could potentially use them as primary sources to be analyzed as well.

    Also, I am interested in hearing of British imported uniforms. Was this a common occurrence? Do you think those particular uniforms will play a significant role in your thesis?

  2. There are some good possibilities here…I could imagine the shipping manifests being useful (but why are they *secondary* sources?) and the uniforms could be interesting too. I think the next step is to figure out which specific research questions you can ask and answer with which sources.

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