Bringing My Focus Statement Into Sharper Focus

Do you believe that Southern soldiers who fought for the Confederacy were barefoot, clothed in tattered uniforms,  and faced the problem of a dwindling supply of uniforms, arms, and equipment, as the war drug out, leading to the emergence of the myth of the “Ragged Rebel” from the American Civil War? Scholars, historians, and history buffs alike, have been led to believe this over the last century and a half. My research includes close scrutiny of period photographs of Confederate prisoners of war, and soldiers killed in action, as well as period engravings, paintings, lithographs, Quartermaster depot records, unit requisitions, ship manifests, letters, journals, and diaries, to paint a very different picture of what the average Confederate soldier was wearing and fighting with throughout the four years of conflict. The significance of this research will lend itself to deconstructing the myth which has been a tenet of the “Ragged Rebel” myth, and in doing so, will show how the Confederate States of America was able to survive for four long and bitter years.

One thought on “Bringing My Focus Statement Into Sharper Focus”

  1. This is a solid general idea, but you need to get much more specific as quickly as you can. Trying to cover all Confederate soldiers for the entire war, and using so many different kinds of sources, seems like way more than you could do in the time available. Think about a smaller timeframe, limiting it to just one army, and narrowing down the focus of your argument. Don’t feel like you have to cover everything! Also, as we’ve discussed, the photographs are scattered and there are limits to how much you can actually prove with them.

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