Wait for Me

When the Soviet Union entered World War II, the struggle became a battle for the Russians to prove to the rest of the world how strong their nation had become. Intense patriotism fueled the home front during the difficult winters of the war while the Nazis tried unsuccessfully to capture Russia. The Russians made sure to emphasize the role that all of the population played during the war, especially those on the home front, which is epitomized in the popular wartime poem “Wait for Me”.


The poem “Wait for Me” was designed to strengthen and comfort the women that the soldiers left behind when leaving for battle. The poem became very popular and was set to many different melodies to become songs. It became a huge testament to the strength of women, and the intensity of the love they held for their soldiers.  It acknowledges that the soldiers may very well not return from war, but that one day the couples will be reunited and the women will be rewarded for their loyalty. This poem can also be seen as symbolic for Mother Russia, and how it will always be there for its citizens, no matter what or how long it takes.


The poem “Wait for Me” is a beautiful example of how all aspects of art during World War II helped to promote the Russian cause and encourage patriotism.


Source: Mass Culture in Soviet Russia, p. 335-336.