It Takes Two to Tango

In our historical journey of the United States discovering its sexuality, we have now reached the 1910’s, where the divisions between the working-class and middle-class began to grow. The blacks…

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The state of mind and body in which veterans were left after WWII was intense for all involved.  The duty of the state to rehabilitate these individuals and integrate them back into a normal way of living was great.   The themes between these readings stand clear with a sense of disability as well as stigmatization […]

East Meeting West in a Journey of Self Discovery

My first experience with the story of Eat, Pray, Love was watching the movie trailer, starring Julia Roberts. I thought to myself, “not another romanticized story of a white woman using other parts of the world for escapism and calling it self discovery”. But, I decided to give the real story, the book, a shot […]

Make America Gay Again

As we discussed in week 10, there was a pronounced gay scene in the late 1800s and early 1900s. As the distinct identities of heterosexuality and homosexuality became recognized and separated, gay men struggled to find a safe place in…

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Viva La Revolucion

The Sexual Revolution, as described by Beth Bailey in Sex in the Heartland, marks a historic shift in the way Americans viewed sex, and with it feminism, and gay liberation. Historians still debate whether or not there was a so-called…

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Blog post #12 That never got uploaded…. My mistake!!!!

“Sexual freedom seemed sudden to many Americans, changes in sexual behavior had been gradual- even evolutionary” (Sex In The Heartland, p.136, Week 13 Module, Unit 1) After WWII, the United States was going through periods of growth. Growth as a country in terms of global power, growth as a society, and growing more diverse by …

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Tinder is the Best WingMan

As the semester comes to an end, it’s fitting to talk about how social media has played a part in people’s sexual experiences. This is especially true since they are being used a lot more frequently during the coronavirus quarantine. Justin Bishop’s article on social dating apps like Tinder and it’s effect on the hook-up/dating […]