Assignment ideas

A set of assignments to choose from:

Choose 3 assignments from the list. Return in any order you like by the deadlines listed above. Any writing you do should have good grammar and be concise. Use references and EndNote or other notation program to insert them in Word text document. Use single spaced text and 1” margins. Include source for pictures you use. When using video format, pay attention to grammar and clear communication in the final product. It might help to use a story board to keep the video production on track. Both written and video assignments are evaluated for same elements (grammar, conciseness, relevant references, and scientific content).

a)      Create an information leaflet for undergraduates about an STD, a food borne pathogen, or an infectious disease. Describe the pathogen, symptoms, reasons for the symptoms and treatment options. Expand as you wish and also consider the design of the leaflet. You can also make an informative 10 minute video.

b)      Write an essay (5-8 pages) on a pathogen you are interested in.

c)       Attend 5 seminars on pathogenic parasites, bacteria, and/or viruses. Keep notes on each seminar and return them as a written report. Explain the topics so that person who has not attended understands the content in 5-8 pages total for all 5 seminars.

d)      Design the scariest pathogen you can imagine. Include molecular details and information on route of infection, host immune responses and scientific reasons for all this. You can return a pathogen profile as 5-8 page article with pictures added, or 10-15 minute video.

e)      Pick a historical scientist from the field of immunology and write a 5-8 page article about their work. Think National Geographic type medium. Feel free to add pictures and information boxes to explain vocabulary, principles of findings, home life etc.

f)       Read a fictional novel or watch a movie that handles infectious disease. Write a 5-8 page report including what you thought on plausibility of situations presented and accuracy of science behind the story.

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