Daily Archives: November 4, 2014

Tools matter – daily drawing challenge

DC_ball I took part in doodling my way through the Connected Courses: Daily Connect art challenge. I chose power point as my tool and noted that it really affected what I chose to draw. I tended to use much more repetition than in physical drawing, but also explored the colors more. Despite the tools of the program including shapes, I actually used the free drawing tool the most. It seems to me, that use of computer chained me artistically.

NervesMaybe using drawing tablets with pen control are the way to go, to improve the creativity and range of artistry in my case. Still there is something to be said about having a physical product to hang on a wall after all your trouble. Maybe that is why my own appreciation of the doodles I made is not very high. I probably would have cared more about the art if it was in a physical form. When classes and projects move towards digitization and online products, we should keep in mind the importance of physical objects we create. It is a proof that we were there, we made something, and it takes space in the universe in a more solid way than a blog post, or a picture on line.