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Ssu-Ying (Armani) Chien

I am a 3rd year PhD student from Taiwan, working at the Laboratory of Turbomachinery and Components in Engineering Mechanics at Virginia Tech.  My research interest is Fluid Dynamics,  Applied Mathematics and Lubrication Theory. My career goal is to become a professor in the university. In my spare time, I like doing crossfit training, crocheting and baking.

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Research Experience

09/2015-present      Adaptive Lubricants for Energy Efficiency and Vibration Control of Turbomachinery. Developing a thermohydrodynamic model and performing CFD simulation for binary mixture of synthetic oils and CO2 to study the phase behavior of CO2 under rotating environments, and establishing the correlation between mixture composition, lubricant viscosity and bearing performance.

01/2016-present      Compressibility and Thermal Behavior of Supercritical CO2 in the Rotating Machine Associated with the Closed-loop Brayton Cycle Power Generation System. Developing a compressible thermohydrodynamic model to predict the effects of transport and thermal properties of supercritical CO2 on pressure and temperature variation, load capacity and power losses.

01/2016-10/2016    Design and Analysis of a Cavopulmonary Connector for Right Ventricular Dysfunction. Conducted CFD simulation to study the effect of cavopulmonary configurations on flow patterns.

05/2015-08/2015    Theoretical Analysis of the Bulk Viscosity in Conical Supersonic Flows. Developed a lower-order model compressible flow model to determine the influence of bulk viscosity in conical flows.

02/2011-06/2012     Numerical Simulation of Wind and Bridge/Tunnel Interaction, China     Engineering Consultants, Inc. Performed three-dimensional numerical simulation to study the aerodynamic pressure induced by train/tunnel  interaction.

09/2010-01/2011     Two-way Coupled Simulation of a Solid Falling into Water, College Student Participation in Research Project, National Science Council. Conducted laboratory experiments, numerical simulation and code validation and accuracy useful in the study of solid-fluid interactions.

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