The Mom Penalty

Here are a few thoughts after reading the above article….

First, I’m so happy I’m not the only woman who are worried about how to balance my career and family in the future. When we finally obtain our PhD degree, it’s usually about time to get married and have kids. However, with intensive stress to become a tenured faculty in universities, we often are not allowed to spend enough time with our family. Current universities’ policy for maternity leave allows female faculty to “stop the clock”. But according to the reference, their salary will slightly lower after they come back to work. The main reason is that it assumes their performance will become worse due to family issue. Although male faculties can also take paternity leave, the statistics show that the number of male faculties who take paternity leave is still way much less than the female faculties who take maternity leave. Therefore, it seems like that the gender inequality will always exist as long as these two numbers have significant difference.

In fact, I think for most of men, how to balance their career and family night also be an issue. Sometimes the society may be too focus on feminism and forget about the fact that those male faculties who are doing well in academia actually also sacrifice a lot of family time for their job. In other words, there should be another term – “The Daddy¬†Penalty”. Considering from traditional perspective, going hunting is the responsibility for men while taking care of kids is the duty for women. Oh well….. I suddenly feel that the world hasn’t been changed much …..

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