Future of the University

One thing that I think future of the university should improve is to increase the standard for tenured-track positions, and  provide more non-tenured-track positions.

I understand that current standards based on their research (including quantity and quality of the publication), teaching and services have already been very hard. However, these factors might not be easy to show if a researcher has ability to be a good advisor or even a mentor.

Over the graduate school years, lots of people who will become professors in universities have never taken any courses on how to become a good advisor, to mentor a student and more importantly, to acknowledge the fact that the responsibility of a professor is more than doing research. All aspects in higher education that we have discussed through this course such as ethic and professional behavior for an advisor are significant. Additionally, as most graduate students come from all over the world, an advisor should understand that students might have different needs due to their traditional cultures or specific background. Though universities seem to emphasize the importance of diversity and inclusion, there seem to be no penalty if a tenured-track faculty avoid doing it! I have heard from other friends that their advisors have a lot of funding but don’t encourage and support them to attend conferences. Authorship is also an issue. In order to seek for promotion, they might put themselves as the first author even though most contribution were made by their students.

One of the related article I found very interesting… “My professor demands to be listed as an author on many of my papers Integrity is everything in scientific publishing – except when it comes to claiming authorship of papers, says this researcher. Dodgy practices are put under the spotlight here, along with the power imbalance that traps young academics. “He could refuse to assign any master’s students to my projects, or to nominate me for prizes, and he could be less likely to ask me to collaborate with him; unfortunately, these things are essential”.




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