Tech & Innovation in Higher Ed: MOOCs

MOOCs stands for “massive open online courses”.  According to the reference, more options for online courses are offered online. Like Coursera and edX, the nonprofit consortium led by Harvard and MIT, they have up to nearly 13 million users and offer more than 1,200 courses. For curious people who aren’t necessarily seeking a credential but knowledge, MOOCs is very easy way to access higher education.

It’s very interesting that Georgia Tech started their first MOOC master program in computer science in 2013. The cost of this degree is only $6,600, which is way much lower than the on-campus counterpart. This then shows that MOOCs can expand the access of higher education. However, note that whether the job market will reward people with this degree is not clear.

Another interesting fact in this article is that according to the experiences from faculties at MIT and Harvard, which are creators of edX. Providing students with those course materials online including notes and videos is actually beneficial for both on-campus and online students. But considering the tuition fee, the author of this article said it’s very hard to answer ‘How can I justify charging students $45,000 a year to attend large lectures when they can find better exemplars on the Internet?’”


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