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One of these things….

… is not like the others! Not much content here except to notice that one of our pods has been destroyed! I walked in this morning to find the tables a little bit rearranged. As you can very well see … Continue reading

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Effective Prompting

Finally! After a few failed attempts at a successful prompt in problem based learning, I got one to work! We were asking the students to calculate the theoretical density of iron (which for the purposes of this post I don’t … Continue reading

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Legos, or something like them

Today I ventured yet again into the world of SCALE-UP classrooms. This time with a bit of success! The professor that teaches the class I help out with talked for a while about crystal structures – simple cubic, body centered … Continue reading

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Surge 108 Layout

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This is the room in which we attempt to SCALE-UP. Surge 108, on VT’s Blacksburg campus.  It’s only looked like this for about a month! The instruction of students in this room is still very much in its infancy so … Continue reading

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Flying Solo

or how not to use a SCALE-UP classroom With the primary instructor out of town, I was left to teach my first full class period in our SCALE-UP classroom. I was confident in the material and had no qualms about … Continue reading

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Originally my blogging adventure was supposed to begin with a GEDI (Graduate Education Development Institute) class called Contemporary Pedagogy but during that same semester I was invited to begin co-teaching a course in an innovative learning environment.  Considering both have … Continue reading

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