DWFAbout me… about me.

I’m a metallurgist studying at Virginia Tech. I enjoy passing my craft on to curious minds (and even those extremely hesitant to learn). If it’s between the hours of 7 and 10, April to October, I’m probably watching the Yankees play baseball.

Maybe a little explanation about the blog title: Hephaestus Bellows. Two parter.

  1. Hephaestus is the Greek god of blacksmiths, metals, fire, and artisans. I like to fancy myself a god of metals… nevermind.  Who am I kidding?!
  2. Bellows.
    1. “To utter in a deep loud voice;”
    2. “a device for producing a strong current of air, consisting of a chamber that can be expanded to draw in air through a valve and contracted to expel it through a tube.”

The (B) bellows are/were often used to stoke a fire used in metalsmithing. I don’t plan on (A) bellowing, but you never know.  The Yankees can produce some heart wrenching things to talk about!

For the most part this blog is dedicated to talking about my materials science life and my pedagogical pastime. Often they overlap and intertwine.  An adventure recently embarked upon is my foray into SCALE-UP classrooms, and you can read about the blunders and successes here.