One of these things….

… is not like the others!

A destroyed pod/quad. Oh the humanity!

Not much content here except to notice that one of our pods has been destroyed! I walked in this morning to find the tables a little bit rearranged. As you can very well see the tables are facing the board like a normal lecture hall… tsk tsk whoever you are.

The sole purpose that money was spent to convert this classroom to a SCALE-UP style room with PBL was so we wouldn’t have formations as shown. The pods/quads are a great breakaway from the normal industrialized style of classroom.  The linear abovce configuration is perfect to tell students to sit down and shut up, not encourage discussion and peer-teaching/learning like the quads do.

I really do honestly wonder who did it.  And why they thought it would be an advantage over the SCALE-UP style room it was meant to be.

Pulled off what I thought was a pretty good demo today about non-steady state diffusion.  Stay tuned for an update on what happened!

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