Not Cool, Robert Frost!

First off, this is unbearably awesome.  Secondly, it has quite a lot to do with the PBS documentary we just watched!

Granted, the concept of “inspire someone today” can be applied to many many different realms and is applicable to just about everything difficult people go through in life. I was looking for a medium with which to convey our pedagogical “tipping point” and I found one.

While I sat and watched the PBS series the common thread that I saw between the varying new takes on the education process was that they’re all markedly different than what exists in public schools currently (duh). What I would have liked to know was the back end legwork – what did it take to furnish a school with 30 PS3s, 25 smartboards, and the fancy green screen and recording studio? How incredibly hard was it to put the whole thing together? Which brings me to Kid President’s first quote:

and I took the road less traveled. AND IT HURT, MAN! really bad… ROCKS! THORNS! GLASS!

Enforcing and creating these new pedagogies is not going to be easy. In the Science Leadership Academy (40:30) the speaker mentions that schools had been based off of the industrial model for so long. Much like a manufacturing line, pumping out students became fitting given parts into a predefined shape. Breaking this status quo is surely to be a daunting task. Whether facing stiff resistance from school adminstrators, parents, or the students themselves (who are GREAT at learning how to sit in chairs! learning how to ace exams! [ideas from Wesch this week]), we need to remain inspired to push these changes. At which point the detractors need to be reminded that

if life is a game, aren’t we all on the same team?


boring is easy; everybody can be boring!

As educators all we wish to do is see growth in our students (and hopefully growth in ourselves). What new pedagogies that grasp onto technology and innovative theories do is scare people! We’re all used to boring, stale, overcooked. We need to team up and be united by the things that are exciting.

But what if there really were two paths? I want to be on the one that leads to awesome.

A young woman in the Digital Youth Network (15:30) perhaps embodies this theory exactly. Once she started down that more awesome path her life changed drastically.  She began to learn within the program, went home and shared her expertise with family and friends, and now is teaching students what she learned.  She is passing down the awesome message that got transmitted to her by people that weren’t afraid to take that road less traveled. First.

Anyway, I know these analogies and metaphors are trite at best but what matters most here is that even though we’re on the right path by enrolling in CP to begin with we must all avoid falling back into the old standard ways to teach and interact with students.  So if you ever get bogged down just come back and listen to Kid President give you a pep talk. And just remember that if you quit, you’ll be denying future generations the privilege if seeing your personal Space Jam.

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