Today in class we had our command school assignment. I was in charge of learning multiple commands. Four other students were in my group and they were in charge different commands. As a whole we went through all of the assigned commands to try and teach one another what all 35 commands do.

Overall, it was an effective way to learn about Unix commands. I thought it was effective because I took my time to thoroughly learn the commands I was assigned. I believe it worked out well that people were in charge of specific commands because it put pressure on us to know them. Therefore, if a group member were to question us we should be responsible for being able to answer questions about commands.

I found it a little hard to learn the commands my teammates were supposed to teach. Since there is not much space in the room it was extremely hard to hear people when they were talking. One thing that prevented me from really understanding the commands that were being taught was visualization. I prefer to view things rather than hear someone just talk about something. Therefore, if I were to have the commands in front of me with a brief description, I think I would have better understood the commands being taught.

goodbye world.