Unix/Linux is something that is very new to me. I am fairly familiar with it but only from things I have heard and nothing I have personally experienced. I just finished up the command school assignment not too long ago. I had a list of 7 commands that I had to go through. For the most part, the commands were very straight forward and easy to understand. There were a few that I had some trouble with. The two commands “ps” and “grep” made me think a little harder. I think the main reason why I had some trouble following the commands was due to the mass amount of information each command had in the manual. There are many different options to add on to the commands in regards to what you would like to look for and how you would like items displayed. After looking through a few different webpages and also trying the commands myself, I was able to have a better understanding of what is occurring when the commands are used.Tomorrow, we will be going over the commands in groups and teaching them to one another.

goodbye world.