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My Experience in Fundamental Tech tools class

This class was really about tech tools! Before taking this course, I had some experience with multimedia usage but not practical to create content. Most significantly, multimedia using a phone to make animations, taking pictures, and various shots for personal use on my social media account.
Taking this course enlightened me on the importance of communication and the need to consider your audience before delivering your content. Before taking this class, my perception was how to use some software’ concerning design and instruction; this was met and more. I can now critically review content like a blog post, a website and see if the content creator considered the audience while creating this particular content.
Due to COVID situations and the classes switching to an online course, we were unable to visit the library and the OIT lab to explore some devices and see how they are used. However, I appreciate the instructor for giving us the freedom to explore some devices ourselves. This challenged me to know more and explore more devices and know their functions.

Multimedia applications should be used strategically for content creators by using those applications like Audacity, iMovie, Adobe Photoshop, etc. It is necessary to ensure that whatever form of delivery chosen should be carefully used to deliver the right message. Like the sounds, font styles used to communicate to the audience, the shots used and what the audience should focus on while looking at the shot, the congruency and the incongruency of the music selected and how aligned it is with the visuals. All these are essential to glue the audience to the content delivered. Anything outside of these mentioned above will be considered noise or a misplaced content. These are the points I learned from this class, and I always remember creating content as instructional designers or a content creator.

Also, I had several wow moments during this class. The first wow moment for me was learning about different names of shots and how it can be used. The next wow wow moment for me was using the PIXRL, which had similar functions with Adobe Photoshop to edit photos. Even after the project for that module, I edited some of my photos using that software. It was cool watching the videos on YouTube on the functions of this app called PIXLR. Another wow moment was while using Audacity and iMovie to create animations; I was able to mix and render sounds and then blend in with my pictures. I so much like the part that I was able to record my voice at the same time. Also, seeing my other colleagues’ deliveries on their projects and their perceptions on a particular application make me realize that it excites the audience when there is diverse creativity. I am always happy to see what my other colleagues had delivered, but It makes me see other people’s way of thinking and check for similarities and differences.
In a nutshell, I learned a lot from this fundamental Tech tools class because it has boosted my confidence that I am creative, and I can become an expert at it if I continue in it.
Thank you, Dr. Johnson, for making this class so much fun.

Here is the link to my Final project

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