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Using Audacity the first time

My experience using Audacity was fun. It was interesting and exciting at the same time seeing that the function of every tool I chose has a significant effect on the recording I make. I also watched more videos aside from the one given to us in class on guidelines on how to use audacity. All the videos including the one given to us in the class were helpful, I was able to edit the recording using my selection tool, shifting tool, and blending tool. I was also able to compress the recording to give an even sound. Based on experience, I think audacity would be very helpful for creating content that requires further explanation of what an audience would see visually. That way the attention of the audience would be 100%. The only challenge I had, was that I couldn’t upload the audio WAV format into my blog, and so I went back to my audacity file and I exported the audio file into an mp3 format.
Please find attached my audio file.

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