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My narrative animation using blender

Oops, this looked simple but it took a lot of time than one can imagine. I used an application called blender in creating my animation because Pivot doesn’t have an updated version for MacBook users. Blender seems tasking but you tend to enjoy every bit of success you make. However, after a while, it would seem there was no success in the first place. I got so frustrated that I was about to cry that my effort was wasted.
But after watching more and more videos, making trials and error multiple times, I was finally able to make the video and publish it successfully. The design wasn’t the challenge but the major challenge was the publishing. It took hours before it was successfully published.
The idea behind my animation was the drawing of two stickmen initial standing together but then decided to go their separate ways to access a box.
I literally had to save the video as “please-work”, once I was finally successful in publishing it.

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