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My experience using PIXLR E for editing pictures

Photo Editing becomes simple when you are familiar with the tools in the photo edit application. However, it becomes time-consuming and stressful when you are very much new to the application and the functions of the tools used. PIXLR E happens to be new software to me, I haven’t heard of it before my photo edit work. I was more familiar with adobe photoshop but because PIXLR was free to use, so I decided to go for it.
In the past, most photo edits I do are usually on my phone and it is usually straightforward, nothing serious, or complex. Meanwhile, to do every edit on PIXLR E, I needed to watch several tutorials on how to do a particular function.
For instance, a particle photo edit function that stressed me out was the color splash. (Color splash is an edit that gives every other part of a picture the black and white color view except a particular part of the picture wanted by the editor) Some tutorials were confusing and so it was hard to get to the end result, so what I did was to combine what I feel both videos had in common and I did trial and error until I got my result. It was so very fulfilling after getting the color splash edit.
The next stressful one for me was the placing of tools. I was trying to explore using a particular picture as a tool on another picture which worked well but it was stressful at the beginning, the picture has the same image so what I did was to erase the background of one image to incorporate into the other image. Finally, the easiest editing for me was to change the background color of a picture to black and white.
Below is the link slide to the photos I edited:


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