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The visual prowess of font styles

Font styles should be used wisely by content creators or instructional designers in designing instructions. This is because font styles influence the perception of the learner on the content of the instruction designed. The perception can be positive or negative but it is saver to ensure that the font style selected for design is perceived positively. In line with this, certain font styles can also interest the user thereby generating enthusiasm in the content being read.
For instance, I gave out a font survey to my classmates asking them about their perception of three types of font styles. Each font style (Algerian, apple chancery, and chiller) were used on three different headings. The heading used for font Algerian was a storybook called “children of blood and bone”, the second heading used for font apple chancery was a movie title called “the birth of a nation”, while the third heading used for font chiller was the name of the highest mountain in Africa called Kilimanjaro.
The result of my finding reveals that the font selection looked satisfactory to my classmates. Also, before viewing the content of the heading, the majority were able to guess the kind of movie the title would be because of the font style; they selected it as a historical movie while others selected it as a magical movie. This reveals that fonts styles of a heading/title give the viewers or readers a perception about the content of the title. One other thing discovered was that they all agreed that the font style was an effective selection after reading the content of what the heading was all about. For the last heading (Kilimanjaro) one of my colleagues did not guess the content of the heading right and even after viewing the content perceived that the font style chiller makes the heading assumed as a scary place while others perceived that the font style makes the heading assumed as a fun place. This also reveals to be that no matter the perfect selection of a particular font style, the perception of the reader might be different or interpreted differently. However, the interpretation of readers or viewers should not be highly distinctive.

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