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Communication is Robust

Communication is very essential in life and it can not be ignored. Communication can both verbal or non-verbal, formal, or informal. However, what makes good communication is the word choice. No matter the form of communication, if the word choices are wrong, it can cause conflict or an outrage. Informal communication with friends and family involves the need for assertiveness from the sender of information and an act of active listening from the receiver of the information, that way there is a two-way communication achieved successfully on both ends.
This method is also applicable to a formal communication setting. Although word choices are important, it is observed that what helps in the choosing of words is the knowing of your audience. I believe that as a content creator or as an instructional designer the first task is to know your audience. This will give you the fore-knowledge of the word choices to use.
This is why communication is robust because there are various factors considered for it to be labeled a success.

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