Update on Prezi vs. Powerpoint

Yay! I liked Prezi! I am so glad that I decided to use this platform for my final project in my Writing and Digital Media class. I was scared to use it at first because other students were using more “blog-like” platforms for the assignment, so I thought that I might be choosing something that I wouldn’t really be able to experiment with. However, that was not the case. I felt that with this project, I really went out of my comfort zone and tried something that was not only different from the average project, but also more entertaining for an outside audience (I hope…). I spent a long time testing out the interface just to see what all I could do with it and how I should go about setting up my project, and I think I found a visually interesting way to share my thoughts.

Now that I have spent some time working with Prezi and getting to know the ins-and-outs, I will definitely be using this type of presentation when I get a chance in future classes. I thought that it would be very similar to Powerpoint, but the fantastic thing about Prezi is that you have an open canvas and you can zoom out to look at clusters of “slides”. It made it easy for me to add something unique to my project. I found a template that showed a scale, so I chose to use this to compare the positive and negative aspects of social media.

For anyone who has not tried to create a presentation on this platform, I would definitely recommend they try it out. It is a unique, user-friendly way to create visual effects that Powerpoint just doesn’t allow for. Not to mention, Prezi is a free, web-based application that saves all of your work as you go, so it is quite convenient! Visit the Prezi website to see for yourself!

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