Candid Writing

At the beginning of the semester, when I started this blog, I thought about how being a candid writer can much improve the voice in a blog. I noticed that my peers were writing intellectually conversational blogs, and I was intimidated by the idea of putting my own blog posts up. It took me a long time to really get myself into the blog writing process because I did not want my mediocre ramblings posted in contrast to the insightful and creative blogs that others had already put up. The funny thing is, this is not my first time writing blog copy, so I really shouldn’t have been so intimidated by the thought of it.

This past summer, I interned for an event planning company called Fete Studio. I really enjoyed working there, especially because I felt as though helping write and set up the blog posts would be a great experience for me to take to the working world. However, in those blog posts, I would write about weddings, style and everything that a girl as interested in fashion as I am could enjoy writing about.

I wanted to write a blog about makeup, hairstyles, fashion, shoes, and everything girly. I wanted to talk about my favorite clothes—specifically Free People (I could go on about Free People for days). I wanted to spend my time researching these things on Pinterest and finding the perfect pictures to complement my text on these topics. My issue was that writing a silly blog about fashion was not the point.

So that began my issue with this blog. I thought, how could I possibly blog about academics or scholarly material? I couldn’t find a rhythm that suited my writing style, but of course, now that it is the end of the semester, I am finally started to get the hang of it (to the point where I actually enjoy blogging).

But now I wonder, what makes for a really great blog? Obviously not my disjointed thoughts and contradictions—or maybe some people find my scattered brain amusing? (doubt it) Overall, I have decided on some things that can really enhance a blog. Here is a list I have brainstormed:

1. Incorporating Pictures- Everybody loves to have a mix of text and pictures. Pictures help expand on what you are writing and support your thoughts in an aesthetically appealing way.

2. Making Lists- Yes, I have started incorporating lists because it allows people to see things set up in a way that is coherent and segmented (so they don’t have to read a long paragraph for hours).

3. Including Links- When you link to something, it allows people to learn more about your subject or ideas. Links give people the option of continuing on your train of thought.

4. Being Conversational- As I said earlier, candid blog posts are easy to read and allow you to sort of get in someone’s head. It can be very insightful at times.

Those are all of the things I have come up with for now. What else would you add to the list?

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