Thoughts on Powerpoint

For my final project in my Writing and Digital Media class, I have chosen to use a platform called Prezi to present my thoughts. I have never used this format before, but I have heard that it is a great alternative to the generic Powerpoint, and I thought that it might be a good way to demonstrate my argument. However, I don’t think that Powerpoint would have been a terrible option for me to use if the prompt didn’t ask for us to try something new.

Many people seem to have an issue with the way that Powerpoint “forces” you to use a strict formulaic structure, but I have never really seen it that way. I know that Powerpoint can sometimes be a boring visual for the audience, but I don’t think that it necessarily has to be used in the way that most people think it is supposed to be used. For example, when you pull up a new Powerpoint slide, it comes up with a format that has a title at the top and a body area where you can put bullet points. I think that this has led people to believe that they are being forced to use this layout, when you can actually work with it much more to format it to your liking.

I think that in a more business-like environment, Powerpoints can be quite useful to get your points across, especially when it comes to statistics and charts. That is one of the reasons I think many professors like to use this platform—because students will be using Powerpoints in the working world, and right now is a good time to gain some experience with it.

Once I have finished working on my project in Prezi, I will give an update on the difference between the two applications.

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