My Procrastination Dilemma

Procrastination has been a huge issue for me my entire life, but this past semester it has spiraled out of control. I have been doing my assignments the night before they are due and studying for my exams last minute and I am not really sure how to break this habit. I always plan to start my work way ahead of time, but there is always something else to distract me whether it is plans with my friends or something that is more pressing that requires my current attention.

I used to think that I could look up tips on how to avoid procrastinating, but every time I did that, it did not help me at all. One tip that I have tried to use is to just sit down and start doing your work early on. The more time you spend thinking about it and avoiding it, the longer it will take you to get started. My issue is that when I try to start something early I feel like it is pointless to even begin ahead of time. This is especially hard when studying. I always wonder if I will even retain the information that I am taking in and whether I will still remember anything when it comes time for the exam.

Here’s a list of ways to avoid procrastinating, and while all of the ideas on the list are helpful and logical, it still won’t be easy to follow the tips. I am going to make a conscious effort, especially now that exams are coming up, to follow these tips better than I have been for the rest of this semester.

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