VCU School of Dentistry Student Appointments on April 24, 2019


Dr. Susie Goolsby, Director of Student Recruitment, Admissions, will hold 20-minute one-on-one student appointments on Wed., April 24, 2019.

Appointments are open to VT students who are not in the current application cycle (you applied through AADSAS last summer therefore you are not eligible for an appointment at this time).

  • Signups start at 9:00 am on Wed., April 17.
  • If you complete the Google form  you will added to a callback list. This link not active until 9 am on 4/17/19.
  • Signups will remain open through 2 pm on Thurs., April 18, but be aware that we will be calling students in the order of registration.
  • Starting at 2 pm on Thurs., April 18, HPA will phone names on the list in the order of sign-up and, if the call is not answered, will move to the next name on the list. We will not make second calls nor leave voice messages.
  • Students who sign up but are not selected will be emailed on Fri. April 19.



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