Health Professions Evaluation Committee (HPEC) Assessor Portal/Dates and Deadlines

Students who are planning to participate in the Health Professions Evaluation Committee (HPEC) process for Spring 2018: Several new pages have been added to the HPA Hub or updated to outline our processes. To access the pages shown, you must belong to the HPA HUB on Canvas. Not a member? Request to join.


  • Instructions for Registering Your Assessors using the HPEC Assessment Portal details the steps to login, register, and select your assessors so that they will receive their link to our online assessment process. The HPEC Assessment Portal goes live today but please, don’t register until you have read the instructions thoroughly. Please note that, in order to qualify for the Health Professions Evaluation Committee letter process, you must receive no fewer than two, and no more than five, completed assessments prior to the closing date of January 31, 2019.

If you have questions about the HPEC process, timeline, self-evaluations, or other topics speak with an HPA advisor during drop-in hours (Tues., 11am-2pm and Wed., 1-3:30pm) or phone the office (540-231-7287).

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