New AAMC MCAT Test Preparation Products Available

The Official Guide to the MCAT® Exam, Fifth Edition is now available. This new edition of the Official Guide includes an updated Part 1 providing students with everything they need to know about the MCAT exam. It includes an overview of exam structure, registration and scheduling logistics, preparation resources, test day procedures, and scoring. Please note that the questions found in Part 2 remain the same.

Further, all AAMC practice products have been automatically updated to mirror the new interface of the MCAT exam. As mentioned, in 2018 the AAMC is making changes to the way the MCAT exam interface looks, feels, and functions on test day. These changes include new features such as higher screen resolution, clearer font type and size, and keyboard shortcuts that can be used during the exam. If a student has already purchased a product, they will automatically have access to the update. In addition, a free tool, Practice with Exam Features, has been made available for students to preview and practice interacting with the new interface so they know what to expect on test day.

Finally, the AAMC has re-developed and enhanced the free tool, How to Create a Study Plan for the MCAT® Exam. This new guide walks students through six steps to help them from understanding the basics of the exam, to identifying available resources and strategies to use, to drafting their plan and executing it. This tool provides worksheets at each step of the process to help them put together the best study plan that fits their individual needs.

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