Mock Multi-Mini Interview at Smith Career Center

Health Professions Advising will be hosting a Mock Multi-mini Interview on Sunday, Oct. 29th at the Smith Career Center.

The MMI interview is becoming increasingly used across dental schools, medical schools, pharmacy schools, veterinary schools and more! Currently in our area the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and the Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine uses this format.

With the gracious contributions of time from more than 32 volunteer interviewers, we will offer two sessions (1:30 – 3:00 pm and 3:30 – 5:00 pm) to provide invaluable interviewing practice for 32 students at Smith Career Center. Our volunteers are coming from local health professional schools (Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine), military Health Care Recruiters, as well as instructional and A/P faculty from VT.

Also, and this cannot be emphasized highly enough, if you choose to sign up to attend this event it is expected that you will adjust and change your plans so that this event will be your priority for that day. Last minute cancellations due to scheduling conflicts are both unprofessional and disrespectful, as you would be taking this opportunity away from another student who may have been able to attend. It is also expected that you will dress in a business professional manner and that you will present yourself and represent Virginia Tech in a professional manner. If you are not certain whether you are able to meet these expectations, please do not sign up to attend this event.

After reading all of this information and expectations, please seriously consider if you would like to sign up to attend this event on Sunday, October 29 at the Smith Career Center. Instructions for signing up for this event will be posted tomorrow, Oct. 24. Preference for student selection will be given to juniors and seniors who are in the current application cycle.

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